TiloSearch : A Real-Time Fuzzy Search Engine For Your Structured Data

Search At Scale With

Similarity Algorithms

Text Distance Algorithms

Phonetic Algorithms

Geospatial Matching

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LLM Fact Grounding & Augmentation

Provide use-case specific context to general purpose LLMs to obtain accurate & relevant output.

Entity Based RAG

Use entity resolution as a ranking function with LangChain Retriever to retrieve the most relevant documents for a given search query.

LLM Fine-Tuning

Turn your structured data into training data and into custom LLMs. While keeping it private.

Data Matching

Text Similarity & Distance Algorithms
  • Search with 19 different text similarity & text distance matching algorithms including Jaro Winkler, Jaccard, Cosine, Q-Gram, FuzzyWuzzy, Levenshtein Distance, Hamming Distance and more.
Phonetic Algorithms

Search with phonetic matching algorithms including Metaphone, Soundex, Cologne with possiblity to support more.

Geospatial Distance Matching

Match geo coordinates based on preferred distance radius. From 10 meters up to hundreds of kilometers.

Temporal Distance Matching

Customize the search by setting preferred time ranges to match.

Nickname Matching

Find names using possible necknames based on a predefined or custom list.

Highly Customizable Search

Customize the search criteria and make it strict or loose to fit your needs by setting different matching thesholds.

Data Cleaning

Company Name Normalization

Normalize company names and detect legal forms internationally in different languages

In-Flight Data Transformation

Data transformation & search all happens with a single request. No need to clean/normalize the data before searching.

Address Normalization

Normalize postal addresses internationally and detect address fields.

Geolocation Enrichment

Enrich provided addresses with geo coordinates and enable geospatial searches.

Common Name Detection

Detect common names to run a more strict search criteria.

Phone Number Normalization

Normalize different phone number formats internationally.

Availability & Compliance

Real-Time Normalization & Matching

Capable of performing live searches and the necessary normalization on the data as it arrives. Allowing TiloSearch to handle:

  • Data Streams
  • Data Batch Requests
  • API Based Requests
Fully Serverless Infrastructure

The SaaS and Private Cloud options are fully serverless which offers benefits such as:

  • Auto-Scaling: Seamless in/out scaling
  • No-Idle costs: Pay only for what you use
  • High Availability: AWS level uptime (99.99%).
Flexible Hosting

Multiple options to best fit your compliance and engineering needs:

  • SaaS
  • Private Cloud (Own AWS Account)
  • On-Premise

Integrations & Interfaces


Perform searches as a GraphQL query which allows you to control what exact data fields to get.

LangChain Retriever

Use entity resolution as a ranking function in information retrieval systems to retrieve most relevant documents for a given search query.

SQL-Like Interface

Perform comprehensive analysis using a SQL-Like queries based on AWS Athena & Trino.


Search directly from within your Snowflake worksheet. TiloSearch utilizes Snowflake external functions to provide the possibility to search seamlessly within the query.